Introduction to computers and computer science

I was reminiscing about my early interest in computers. I remembered a book with a red cover, that I thought was about business computing. It was an interesting book and it wasn’t about specific computers but more abstract concepts of computing solutions. I was very young when I read it. It may have been given to me by my grandparents, who were both teachers, and encouraged me to follow my interest in computers and think of it as a future career, or I might have got it from the library.

Looking around online, doubtful that I could find the book with such a vague memory, I found this book, “Introduction to computers and computer science” which was published in 1972. Immediately the book was recognisable, but I thought the title was different. As a child, this probably was very much a business computing type of book, and that’s how I remembered it.

I’ve ordered a copy of this from a bookstore in the US. It will be interesting to see if this was the book I remember.

The book I had read had written about people and their resistance to computers, for fear of losing their jobs. This can still be a problem, and more now perhaps with the prospect of AI and the perception and some claims that people make about how jobs will evolve or be replaced. I can appreciate there is some truth to it, though think people have the tools to do more, and remain competitive, and gain new abilities.

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